DATE:5/24/2002 04:32:00 PM
BODY: How stupid can they be?!?

Bruce Hill writes about the 72 virgins promised to be waiting for each and every Palestinian suicide bomber in heaven. Its a good example of the Palestinians fanatic and stupid believes.

Some of you may have heard the next story, it happened about a year ago in Gaza Strip. Its not a legend I guaranty you it is absolutely true. An unlucky Palestinian who planned to be a suicide bomber failed in his mission. He got near a group of Israeli soldiers and blew himself up. But there was a malfunction in the explosive belt, only a small amount of explosive went off. Non of the troops was hurt and the poor fellow did not die as he wished.

The medics who treated the terrorist were surprised to find out that his penis was wrapped with toilet paper. A few days later at the hospital he was asked by the Shabak (Israeli security service) interrogators about his wrapped penis. The moron answered them with the most unbelievably idiotic explanation. He said he wrapped his penis with toilet paper to keep it intact from the explosive belt blast so he will be able to use it with the 72 virgins that awaited him in heaven!

It is one thing to think that you are a shahid (martyr) and 72 virgins are anxiously waiting for you in heaven, But you have to be a complete asshole to think that a toilet paper is going to keep your penis intact when you blow an explosive belt a few inches above it!!!

DATE:5/24/2002 03:58:00 PM
BODY: There was another terror attack last night. Again no one got killed. Here is the report from Haaretz: The attack was on a Tel Aviv night club in the early hours of Friday morning, in which five people were lightly injured. A suicide bomber blew up a booby-trapped car at the entrance to the "Studio 49" discotheque, at the corner of Kibbutz Galuyot and Abulafya streets, in southern Tel Aviv. The blast occurred at approximately 1 A.M."
Next please.

DATE:5/23/2002 11:53:00 PM
BODY: Satanic terror attack

A major catastrophe was avoided today in what can only be described as a miracle. A bomb attached to the underbelly of a tanker truck blew up this morning at the Pi Glilot fuel and gas depot in north Tel Aviv. Pi Glilot is the national fuel and gas depot of Israel, it contains some 3,000 tons of gas.

luckily the explosion didn't cause the near by gas tanks to explode. Experts say that a fire at the depot could generate an explosion that would engulf an area of several kilometers, killing thousands of residents in the area. such an explosion will spark a huge fireball and also a shock wave that would destroy cars, buildings and other installations in the area.

Pi Glilot is near two major highways, jammed each morning, Ramat Aviv, a swish area of Tel Aviv, and Tel Aviv University. I heard another expert on the radio saying that 20,000 people could have been evaporated in only 72 seconds!!!

If this would have happened this blogs writer would probably perished in the fireball. I was in Tel Aviv university toady were I study Economics. TA university is less then a mile from Pi Glilot well in the range of an explosion.

I ask you to imagine what could have happened, unbelievable, another September 11th. Don't be surprised when it will happen. It is only obvious that the people who cheered when the WTC was hit will try to duplicate such an atrocity themselves.

DATE:5/22/2002 11:50:00 PM
BODY: Alouette it did happen!!!

I talked to Netta A. a few minutes ago. Let there be no doubt: Netta and her friend were brutally kicked from Alouette by Chantal Gin. I’m totally convinced that Netta is telling the truth. The only reason she and her friend choose to stay anonymous is that they fear that the publicity might interfere with their course of life.

Netta identified the woman who kicked them from the restaurant as the same woman appearing in the picture of the owners in Alouette web site. She said they didn't’t see Mr. Gin only his wife.

Netta emphasized that the reason they were kicked out was that they were Israelis, Chantal didn't’t mention anything about they being Jewish.

I call here to Mr. And Mrs. Gin to come clean and confess about Chantal ugly behavior and Kenneth bold lie. Enough with the lies Mr. Gin!!!

The Gin’s and Alouette deserve every condemnation possible. I urge you to let them know what you think don’t be fooled by their lies.

Alouette phone number: (212) 222-6808, Fax: (212) 222-6845 and you can send them a message through their web site.

DATE:5/22/2002 11:49:00 AM
Alouette - I still believe those racist bastards did it!

After Alouette owner, Mr. Gin, denied that two Israelis were banished from his restaurant I posted a reservation and said I'm not so sure if the story is true. I promised to try and found out more details and I'm still checking.

I am now 99.99% sure that the two Israelis were telling the truth, they were kicked out from Alouette.

There is no reason for those Israelis to tell the story unless:
1. It did happen.
2. Those two Israelis did have some kind of an encounter with Mr. Gin wife, probably an unpleasant one for them if they went on fabricated the story as a revenge.

Now Mr. Gin in his reply didn't mention any encounter with those two Israelis. If option 2 had happened it makes sense that Gin would emphasis it and use it as his defense. He didn't do that, In my opinion because the story did happen!

Gin convinced Dawson ( who is having second thoughts about that) that as an immigrant from Hong Kong he would never do such thing, maybe he wouldn't. But what about Mr. Gin's wife - Chantal ( a French name, and if you'll look at the picture at their web page you can clearly see that Gin is Asian but is wife isn't (could be French and probably is).

I suspect that Chantal Gin was the one who kicked those poor Israelis. Mr. Gin is covering for his racist wife.

I'm still trying to reach those two Israelis myself. Meanwhile I got an e-mail (that was posted on Dawson blog as well) from a Girl who identified her self as one of the two Israelis. The full e-mail at the end of this post.

I quoted this story originally from the respectable Ma'ariv newspaper. Many blamed Maa'riv for publishing an untrue story. Here is Gabi Kessler, New York Correspondent for Maa'riv, response:

"Regarding Alouette –

As one would expect, one of the owners of 'Alouette' restaurant, Mr. Kenneth Gin denied the story that appeared in Ma’ariv with regard to the two Israelis that were kicked out of the restaurant on April 29th. We verified again the information and the credibility of our sources, the two young Israelis, Netta A. and Aviv, who asked that their last name would not be published.
The examination that we handled reinforced above any doubt the truthfulness of the story we published. 'Ma’ariv has some more personal details concerning the two Israelis, and their reliability is certainly unquestionable.
We decided to accept their request not to publish their last names, since we figured that it does not add or lessen to the importance of the article. None of the two is a political activist, not in the national or municipal level, and not in any Jewish or Israeli organization. They have no interest or any thing to gain personally from the story or from offending the reputation of the restaurant. For them, until the evening of April 29, 'Alouette' was just one of 15,000 restaurants in New York.
In choosing between Mr. Gin's obvious denials to their version and their version, I choose theirs as truthful and completely reliable.
We have no argument with Mr. Gin, who was probably not in the restaurant the night, the event took place. Although, it seems hard to understand why Mr. Gin has chosen not to reveal that his wife, Chantal Gin, is also the owner of the restaurant.
Apparently, Mrs. Gin was in the restaurant that evening, and according to the two Israelis, Mrs. Gin was the lady with the French accent who was mentioned in the article as the one who kicked them from the restaurant.
I was pleased to learn from Mr. Gin's respond that he would never discriminate any of his clients based on race, religion or nationality. I hope that from now on both Mr. and Mrs. Gin will keep this promise and the shameful event will be remembered as a one-time incident.

Sincerely Yours,

Gabby Kessler
New York Correspondent
Ma’ariv Daily"

And here is the e-mail from Netta A. who was kicked out of Alouette:

"I am writing in response to the letter you wrote on your website in which you apologized for perpetuating the maligning of a French restaurant in New York City. I was very troubled to read that after your conversation with the restaurant's owner, you decided not to believe the story that appeared in Ma’ariv, because the story is true - it did happen.

My name is Netta and I am one of the two Israelis who were kicked out of Alouette, the French restaurant in the story. I am in New York pursuing a master’s degree in social work following my graduation from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The reason I am using only my first name is to keep the focus where it belongs, off of me, and on the despicable anti-Israeli attitude that I experienced. I have no interest in publicity and further more I have no interest in faking a story on the subject of anti-Semitism.

On April 29, around 9:00 PM, my friend, Aviv, and I entered Alouette, a French restaurant at 2588 Broadway on the upper west side of Manhattan. We were seated at a table and ordered drinks. The waiter noticed our accent and asked where are we from. We answered, "Israel." Two minutes later, a woman, who appeared to be in her 50's, came to our table from the kitchen, and told us, with a heavy French accent, "no Israelis are welcome to eat in my place. Get out!" Both in shock and shame, we stood up and left. Standing outside, trembling, we were in disbelief. Who would have thought that in New York City, we could get thrown out of a restaurant because we’re Israelis?

In his letter to you, Alouette's owner, Mr. Gin, can say, without lying, that he never told us to leave - he didn’t. It was a French woman who told us to leave, as the story in Ma’ariv said.

Who has more of an interest to lie in this case: Mr. Gin, someone who risks damaging his restaurant’s reputation and losing business, or me, who is trying to avoid any kind of publicity and has no interest to profit from it at all.

Netta A."

Do you still think it didn't happen?

DATE:5/21/2002 09:52:00 PM
BODY: Muslims quarrel around the world

There are a billion Muslims around the world, they are 15% of the world population. Now get this: Muslims are involved in 14 out of 24 major armed conflict around the globe! 15% of the world population is involved in 58% of the all wars currently going.

I'm neither surprised nor amazed by this data.

Muslims cause problems every were, not just in Israel and the U.S.A, they kill and dispute in the Philippines, Thailand, India, Russia, Sudan, Nigeria. They also love to fight against their own Muslim rule: Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq.

The statistics are taken from SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) latest annual report.

I don't want to generalize but it seems that Islam has turned to be a fanatic religion. It wasn't always like that. During the middle ages when Christianity was a fanatic religion, Islam was at its peak, not fanatic but open minded. In Those days Muslims were in the front of human civilization. Time passed and Christianity and Islam changed roles. Today Muslim countries are third world countries because of their religion fanaticism.

Because they declined to their current situation they choose to blame everybody except the ones truly to be blamed: themselves!

DATE:5/21/2002 08:16:00 PM
BODY: Damn Blogspot! It seems that my blog (like many other blogs) was down in the last few hours. But now everything is fixed thanks to a tip from Blogatelle through Dawson.

DATE:5/20/2002 11:04:00 AM
BODY: Another suicide bombing, and another one. Who cares?!

Did you know that there was another suicide bomber attack yesterday in the costal city Netanya, it almost passed unnoticed. "only" 3 fatalities and 60 injured - that is defiantly not a major league terror attack. As cynical as it sounds that is general perception here in Israel. The news coverage of the attack was as usual in those cases. No one was surprised that the attack happened and even the location, Netanya, is not surprising. During the last 3 years there were 12 terror attacks in Netanya that is located only 16 km (10 miles) from the Palestinian city Tulkarem.

Last night I thought to my self what can I write about that attack - I couldn't think of anything new and interesting to say. Suicide bombers come and go in Israel like they were a natural phenomenon, heat waves are a normal thing in Israel at summer time and so are suicide bombings (all year round). Sometimes there can be weeks without a heat wave and sometimes there can be a heat wave after heat wave after heat wave. The same for suicide bombings. 4 weeks of quiet before the Rishon LeZion attack, a brief lull of a week and a half till the one yesterday and less then 24 hours till the attempted attack this morning in northern Israel near the city Afula. I bet most of you didn't even hear about the last one. No one got killed except for the suicide bomber himself. even in Israel there is little attention to such incidents, so why should it interest people outside of this crazy place?

I guess I became quite apathetic in the last few months. It is probably the best way to keep my sanity.

DATE:5/19/2002 11:18:00 AM
BODY: Well it looks like the story I posted here two days ago caused a little fuss. The story came to Alouette manager attention and he strongly denies it. Dawson spoke with Alouette owner and manager Kenneth Gin. Gin convinced Dawson that the story isn't true.

I don't know if the story is true or not. When I posted it on Friday I was certain it was true. Maa'riv newspaper is the second biggest newspaper in Israel and has high credibility. Maa'riv looked like a trust worthy source to quote, and to my opinion still is. Now there is a little doubt in my mind if the story is true or not.

I e-mailed Maa'riv and asked for their response and I'll also try to check it out with the Israeli consulate in New York.

In the meanwhile here is Kenneth Gin Alouette Owner-manager response:
"An article appeared in Maa'riv in which two unidentified students claimed that we had refused service to them because they were Israelis. We would like to state categorically that such an incident never happened. The accusation is false. We have never and will never discriminate or refuse service to anyone on the basis of race, religion, color or nationality. We are surprised and disappointed that Maariv would print such an unsourced accusation, which is not only untrue but inflammatory and has resulted in a number of harassing and cruel e-mails and faxes directed to us. We have been at this New York location for 4 years and a great number of our loyal and regular customers are Jewish. We would never insult them or any of our customers in the manner these students have claimed"